About our exciting expansion


Greetings curious creature...

Are you wondering what in the heck is going on with your beloved Aesthetic Savoir? Well lucky you, you are the first to know the details. 

As some of you know being long time clients and some of you new to this fabulous establishment, Aesthetic Savoir is run by a single owner Kristy Darrenogue. She happens to be your aesthetician/skin guru/therapist and friend. Well as organic as Aesthetic Savoir started, it was only a matter of time she would organically expanded. The average wait time to book a new appointment is about 4-6 weeks, that sucks. So she’s doing something about it. It's time to spread our wings and put add more estheticians under them (wings). With that we will be adding more alfresco style treatment rooms and more retail (woohoo, I love shopping)! 

This new environment needed a new name, one that just makes sense, one that people could remember, spell, etc… :) And the name Skin Habit was born. It couldn’t be more perfect!

Kristy could not do this expansion alone. She was able to explain her vision, to make facials/skincare more accessible to a couple of industry experts and they have decided to partner with her. But wait, you, yes you have  big part in the reason she is able to do this. You believe in her and her vision for bringing accessible facial treatments to you. So, she is giving back with more appointment times, streamlined environment and of course the latest and greatest in facial and beauty treatments. So be on the look out for some new faces, who are trained by yours truly (Kristy) and a new environment for your Skin Habit.  

Thank you so much for your patience as we make this transition.