This week we talk about - How to stay protected from the sun this summer!


1. Look for Zinc or Titanium Dioxide in your sunblock. Other Safe ingredients are Avobenzone and Mexoyl SX. Do not buy anything that has OXYBENZONE. Why, you ask? Oxybenzone is a synthetic estrogen and it will mess with your hormones and absolutely trigger dark spots and melasma. 

2. Choose a cream over a spray. Spray SPF can be uneven applied and leave you unprotected. 

3. Don't forget the lips! That is the thinnest skin on the face and can get sun damage easily. 

4. Apply often if out in the sun for long periods of time. Mineral Powder sunblocks are an easy way to stay protected without messing up your makeup.

5. Check out the UV index for the day if you're going to be outside for a long period of time. What the heck is a UV index? Glad you asked... UV index goes is on a scale from 1-11. 1-2 being low risk of burn,3-5  is moderate avoid being in the sun unprotected, 6-7 is high avoid being in the sun unprotected from 10 am- 4pm, 8-11 you are serious danger being unprotected, you can burn within minutes. 

I have attached products below that I recommend for face and body, Enjoy!